Fire and Water!

All Stars Blue Team (Bookworm, Atomic Foxx, Big Time), now on a rooftop with an unconscious Frigeon, hear an explosion in the distance, and see a plume of smoke raising from about a mile away. They leave Frigeon with a sarcastic note pinned to his chest, and run off to see what happened. Turns out, the train Hammer and Sickle were on was derailed, and crashed into an Orpan Industries office building! The building was leaning and a fire was burning from the base.

Big Time braced the building and dampened the fire with his mighty urine stream, while Atomic Foxx rescued the people left in the building. Bookworm attempted several times to blast himself up to the roof with a stream of moths, and eventually pulled it off. The team managed to round up and rescue everyone remaining in the building before it collapsed!

Meanwhile, Gold Team (Technicolor Deluxe and Smashmouth) were traveling along the ocean in Davy Jones' ship. Eventually, Poseidon's hand, which has been leading the way, started pointing straight down. Davy Jones noted that they were above Stormport, capital city of the Dead at Sea. Smashmouth inquired about how they would get down, and Davy Jones responded, "There's only one way into the nation of Dead at Sea," before stabbing him in the heart with a pin, and throwing him off the boat.

TD learned that these are Life Pins, which kill you when inserted, but revive you when they are removed. He got stuck as well, and thrown into the ocean. Upon landing at the bottom of the sea, they found themselves in the middle of a thriving undersea metropolis. Soon, they were accosted by guards loyal to Poseidon. There was a scuffle, with more guards inbound. Davy Jones stayed to fight, as the Blue Team split off to escape.

Shortly after, they ran into pulp adventurer, friend and advisor to Jones, Rick Fontana. They got some weird vibes off of him, but felt he actively wants to fight off Poseidon. They agreed to meet up with the resistance lead by Rick.


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